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Support Groups

San Francisco

Patients are referred locally to a support group at the San Francisco VA Medical Center, called the Parkinson's Disease Patient and Caregiver Support Group.  This group is open to patients (including non-VA patients) and their caregivers and family members. 

  • Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month from 4:00pm - 5:30pm.  
  • Location:
    San Francisco VA Medical Center
    4150 Clement Street, Building #203, Room 1B-31
  • Please RSVP by calling 415-379-5530
  • Support Group Coordinators:  
    Susan Heath, RN, MSN, CNS
    Elaine Lanier, RN, MS
    Monica Volz, RN, MS


UCSF DBS Support Group

  • Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every odd-numbered months from 6:00pm - 8:00pm.
  • Location:
    UCSF ACC Building 8th Floor, Conference Room E (Movement Disorders Clinic)
  • Please RSVP by calling 415-601-6456 or emailing Lee at
  • Support Group Coordinators:
    Lee Schwager
    Monica Volz, RN, MS



Northern & Central California 

To find a listing of support groups in Northern and Central California, please visit Parkinson's Patients Support Groups or Stanford's APDA Information & Referral Center

National Groups

Please visit the National Parkinson Foundation for groups nation-wide.

Alternatively, please call our offices at (415) 476-9276 or (415) 502-1672 to find a support group near your area.